Revestimiento Placsell® Sanitario Industrial (PSI)

Cladding that consists of a brilliant white, food grade, extruded polypropylene plate that, together with  an  own and patented profiling system, consisting of an aluminium profile and pressure jamb of white and solid PVC and guaranteed against blows. All that provides  an assembly and sealing  in the union of the plates that guarantee  their perfect sanitary finish .


Slaughterhouses,  quartering rooms , meat and fish workrooms, bakeries and cake shops, cooked dishes, dairy products, oil, fruit and vegetables, warehouses, refrigerating  chambers, curing chambers, freezing chambers and tunnels, dairies, farms, siloes, bottling plants, car washes, etc.

Do not let yourself be influenced!

By a deceptive and malicious propaganda that circulates through the networks discrediting the flexible coating.


Revestimiento Placsell® Sanitario Decorativo (PSD)

This is another variant of our coating systems, which comes to cover, within the industry in general and food in particular the ability to coat those facilities that require, for their usefulness, a higher decorative level in addition to the sanitary.

The advantage of this system is that it does not have a profile view, since the plates are tongue and groove and therefore all the fastening hardware of the same is hidden.

This means that, depending on the facilities, the result is a much more decorative finish, while maintaining the sanitary qualities required by the food, pharmaceutical and hospital industries

Shops, kitchens, market stands, supermarkets, locker rooms, laboratories, car washes, cooked dishes, etc.


Revestimiento Placsell® Sanitario Antimicrobiano (PSA)

A new cladding system to cover all surfaces that must remain free of all types of germs, viruses and bacteria.

The system is comprised of a solid plate of PVC 500 mm wide and 10 mm thick with a high-resistance and hard finish, with sanitary and anti-microbial properties that give it a constant, long-lasting effect due to the non-migration of active compounds, preventing microbes, bacteria and viruses from forming and preventing also the proliferation of mould on surfaces.

The plates are tongued and grooved, clicked and with watertight joint that make a uniform and waterproof surface.


Hospitals, operating rooms, ICUs, IVUs, infirmaries, laboratories, white rooms, geriatric centres, neonatal nurseries, burn care wards, etc.

Revestimiento Placsell® Sanitario Techos (PST)(Ceilings)

For its three wall cladding systems (PSI, PSD, PSA),Placsell® uses its system of alveolated grooved and tongued PVC plates for ceilings. These plates can be attached directly to the ceiling or suspended.


The system consists of a series of grooved and tongued plates 250 mm wide and 8 mm thick so that all screws are concealed, as is mandatory to comply with health standards and which it complemented with the sanitary profile of finishes used for the walls in their union with them.

The plates have a channel in its hidden part where you can hold a nylon clip that is ready to clip in a strip suspended from the ceiling, at the height you want to lower it.